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Karen Vraa

To: Those Suffering from Pain (Especially Migraines & Body Aches)
During my last two cycles I came down with migraine headache that began on the first day and would not leave until the cycle was over 5 days later. It was incapacitating. None of my usual pain-killers were working anymore extra-strength aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, etc. The headache worsened and I began vomiting and had to stay home form work. With no relief in sight, I went to urgent care clinic and got a shot of Demerol. It helped, but I still had a migraine. The headache did not completely leave until my cycle was over. I promptly made an appointment with a neurologist to seek relief for these migraines when, a few weeks ago my husband heard Dr. Paiso radio announcement for headache treatment. Even though his office in Livermore seemed like a long drive from Concord I was willing to try anything at this point.

After my first treatment with Dr. Paiso, I noticed on the drive home that I could turn my neck to the side without the usual stiffness and pain! I cancelled my appointment with the neurologist. I did not expect results to be so rapid because previously I had been to another doctor of chiropractic who said it might be 6-9 months before I might get any relief (if I got any at all). Dr. Paiso seemed so confident that I would see results before and during my next cycle. As it turned out, I started experiencing results even before my next cycle even started. I had a swollen muscle in my mid-back which had been there for several months and would not go away with heat or massage. Two weeks after my Atlas Specific Correction adjustment my husband noticed that the lump on my back was gone. Then the third week I had to ride for 8 hours in a 4 wheel drive vehicle to get to L.A. from here. Normally, just sitting for as little as 2 hours would cause the joints on the right side of my body to ache. Usually, I would have felt like cracking my wrists and ankle for temporary pain relief. But, this time I made it through the whole trip up and back with out feeling any joint pain.

I came to Dr. Paiso for headache relief, not expecting to get help for all these other body parts as well. Then it was time for my cycle to start. I only had a slight headache the first day and it went away with a nap and aspirin. The next day I didn't have any pain at all. In this cycle I did not have to miss a day of work and not only was I able to function. But came home from work with more energy then I had in months. From Dr. Paiso's Atlas Specific Correction I was able to get 80% relief from headaches in just 3 weeks time. Now I am looking forward to seeing even greater results as my body continues the healing process. Freedom from neck stiffness and pain as well as the elimination of mid-back pain and swelling has been unexpected benefits of the treatment. And because my body is not experiencing pain continuously, I have more energy now then I have had in years. Dr. Paiso says that the view is going to get even better and I'm thinking, Wow! It's great already. And I'm game for more.

Karen Vraa

Hi friends. I wanted to share with my friends and especially my healers how finally finding the right Chiropractor has drastically changed my life. I wanted to send this referral in case you also know of anyone desperate and suffering and in need of help. Most of you know my history; I have suffered from bad back, horrible migraines, fibromyalgia and a stiff neck for over 20 years. It ultimately led me to quit my career as a hairdresser in my 30's because of the constant pain I was in. Even though I quit my career, I was still in constant pain. Although I do take care of my body, Yoga being the most helpful, I was progressively getting worse. Earlier this year, my issues were getting worse and rapidly declining. I was scared and didn't know what my future held. I was having troubles walking, numbness in my legs, arms and hands and had trouble sleeping. I had to quit my Yoga classes because I couldn't keep up due to my pain. Fortunately, I finally met an amazing Chiropractor and am seeing powerful results for the first time in my life. Dr. Paiso is like no other Dr. I have seen. He uses different techniques that like I said, for the first time in my life I am seeing amazing results. I'm excited about my future instead of dreading and living with this constant pain. In only these past 3 months of being under his care, my migraines are gone, I'm off 90% of my back meds, numbness is gone and I am able to walk without pain. I'm also ready to start up my Yoga classes again.. I'm actually getting better instead of getting worse. I have more energy and I am much happier. A true miracle for me!!!! I hope everyone is doing well and please pass on this info to anyone you know in need. Thanks friends.

xoxo Kyo

Paula Pflumm
I spent seven years with intense unexplained pain in my left ankle. I lived on Motrin morning, noon and night to just get through the day. I went to my primary physician several times complaining of this unexplained pain to no avail, even X-Rays revealed nothing. I also went to a podiatrist in hopes he could figure out where this pain was coming from. I endured cortisone shots that were useless. I then turned to a traditional chiropractor that was very expensive and time consuming with treatments that had little effect on my pain. One day through the grace of God I read about Dr. Paiso who practiced a unique method of chiropractic care. I decided to make an appointment. What did I have to loose? What a God send. Dr. Paiso not only took my pain away and restored my quality of life; he made it affordable to me. Thank you Dr. Paiso, your method worked.

Paula Pflumm

Joe Glorioso
To Whom It May Concern:
Before I went to see Dr. Paiso I was hurting, daily! At first I thought it would be a waste of time, but once I went I wish I had gone sooner. I was taking Motrin daily before going to see Dr. Paiso, now it is just sometimes. He has helped me in lots of ways and he has become my trusted doctor and friend. I have stopped going to my other doctors who said I need surgery. Many Thanks, Dr. Paiso.

Joe Glorioso

Anthony Jensen
When I came to Dr. Paiso's Practice I was complaining of pain in my right forearm, hand and wrist joints. I shared with the doctor that I am a 48 year old who has had diabetes for 35 years and have been a drummer for 34 years. I have experienced carpel tunnel in both wrists and had surgeries on both wrists and hands. I still love playing drums and I am actually in two bands so my hands and their function is very important to me. Dr. Paiso conducted his examination and discussed what he would like to do through adjustments and self-administered therapy at home and stretches he would like to see me do prior to rehearsals as well as gigs. As time progressed different forms of therapies have been added and I am seeing and feeling great results. Dr. Paiso, not only treats my alignment he has also educated me through question and answer sessions and because of this I have added acupressure to my routine which has added some relief as well. I know that if I remain diligent with my treatments and have a transparent doctor/patient relationship regarding my ailment that complete recover is around the corner. I highly recommend Dr. Paiso and his approach and openness to discuss your health problem and his treatment. Because of Dr. Paiso and his treatments I am once again able to play 90 min sets without pain or cramping of my forearms, hands and fingers.

Anthony Jensen


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